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First Dance

Fear of the First Dance

There are quite a few things I really dislike in this world. Two of them include:

1) People staring at me

2) Dancing

So with this in mind, I’m not exactly looking forward to performing the first dance at my wedding in May, which will encompass both of these things in abundance. Some men opt out of the first dance altogether. However, if I did that, my wife-to-be would drag me to the dance floor by my ears.

There’s no getting away with it, I have to take at least 50% of the responsibility for the first dance. So, how can men like me overcome their fear of the floor? Well, I’ve drawn up a list of tips that have helped me.

1) Put it into perspective. You’ll never find a safer crowd than the one at your wedding. It’s not as if you’ll have wine glasses thrown at you whilst people shout “rubbish” from the sidelines. (Well, unless Uncle Steve turns up).

2) Learn to dance. Yes, this is one thing that has helped me in my struggle massively. A few lessons in ballroom and/or Latin and you’ll feel a lot more confident. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll not be pulling out any lifts or throws, but all the basics will be covered.

3) Accept the whisky on offer. The phrase ‘Dutch Courage’ comes from when Dutch traders would approach the Thames during the time of the bubonic plague. To calm their nerves and fears of the plague, they would quickly drink liquor as they landed on the shores before doing business with the British. Now, the chances of catching the plague at your own wedding are very slim. However, Dutch courage can provide you with that extra bit of oomph needed to approach the floor. If it’s good enough for the Dutch…

4) Smile. If you at least look like you’re enjoying the moment, everyone around you will feel a lot more at ease. Don’t overdo it though. Nobody wants to see you waltzing around with a manic grin plastered across your face.

5) Face facts. You’re about to dance with the most beautiful woman in the room. You’ve pulled. And this human being isn’t just prepared to dance with you, she’s committed the rest of her life to you; despite the fact you’ll probably never be able to dance.

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